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“An Astonishing Year in Traveling Carnivals at State Fairs & Festivals — Hitchhiking From California to New York, Alaska to Mexico”

Carnival people seeking love and meaning on the road. The world runs on untold stories.

It’s an Amazon Bestseller and the reviews are phenomenal!

It’s a genre buster. If you have your favorite genre, you’ll still LOVE American OZ. It’s biggest fans – reading it twice – are book lovers like you.

Buckle up it’s a wild ride never ridden before!

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“Bicycling Route 66 Chicago to L.A. in Covid’s Deadliest Time”

Yes! I bicycled 2,500 miles this year from snowy Chicago during the height of the pandemic in February and arrived 8 states later on Santa Monica Pier, in California. 

I asked more than 100 people Covid questions and tried to make the responses short – 5 minutes was perfect. Their views are AMAZING!

I’m aiming to finish a book by summer’s end. I’m seeking backers for a documentary.

Check out the YouTube page — Google “The Story Cycle and Comerford” or CLICK http://ow.ly/vKTk50F4Zlz

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“Get Your Kicks on Route 66” in the  Mojave Desert


Rancher Takes Cattle Dewormer Folk Cure Vignette on Love & the Human Touch from a Covid Longhauler

Pandemic Birth Amid Heartbreaking Losses

  Stunning Death Toll in Cricket’s Native-American Family