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american oz


An Astonishing Year in Traveling Carnivals at State Fairs & Festivals California to New York, Alaska to Mexico.

Carnival people seeking love and meaning on the road.

The world runs on untold stories. I write about original characters, lessons learned, and the whole human drama being lived on the road.

Buckle up it’s a wild ride never ridden before!

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The story cycle


“The Story Cycle – Americans in a Pandemic – Bicycling Chicago to San Francisco Stopping to Listen”

Yes! I’m bicycling across the country to listen to people’s pandemic stories. Everyday people have Extraordinary stories at times and these are historic times. 

We will videotape and write a book about how people feel on the ground.

Email: TheStoryCycle@gmail.com

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greenY mcgeEhee


The World’s Greatest Green Teen Mystery Series follows Greeny McGeehee, her billionaire father, and her friends as they sail the world solving murders and saving the climate.

It’s a Young Adult, Action/Adventure series coming soon!

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