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 Michael Sean Comerford


The Story Cycle


Bicycling Route 66 Chicago to L.A. in Covid’s Deadliest Time

More than 100 interviews along “America’s Main Street” asking for short Covid stories of how Americans are LIVING with the pandemic.

After 2,500 miles across 8 states, I heard of folk remedies, conspiracy theories, fatalism, and faith-based stories. 

I promise a book by summer’s end and I am gathering support for a documentary. Google “The Story Cycle and Comerford” 


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The Story Cycle: Americans in a Pandemic



American OZ


An Astonishing Year in Traveling Carnivals at State Fairs & Festivals: Hitchhiking California to New York, Alaska to Mexico

A #1 Amazon bestseller about carnival people seeking love and meaning on the road. The world runs on untold stories.

Bestseller American OZ has critics and carnies raving. Book lovers are the core audience because it’s a genre buster. It has adventure, love, the American landscape, and colorful characters. Yet the deeper you read the more you’ll see.

I worked rides and games at 10 traveling carnivals in 10 states, hitchhiking nearly 14,000 miles to shows.  I ventured down to the lawless foothills of Mexico to see the “new face” of American carnivals. 

“Best book I ever read” Amazon reviewer

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