50 If it refers to more than one unit, it is pluralIf the subject refers to an amount as a single unit, it is considered singular If it refers to more than one unit, it is plural Two weeks seems to wait as a long time. (Single unit, singular verb) Two weeks have passed since you called. (several units, plural) 12 Themes Connected by And A link whose parts are linked by “and” usually takes a plural boys and girls form the population of the students of the school. The pencil and paper are on my desk. 2 OBJECTIVES Students will be able to apply rules of subject-verb agreement with the form of Nouns, but singular in meaning Compound themes compound themes associated with conjunctions of themes conjunctions composed by conjunctions of coordination plural themes in form, but singular in the meaning Substantive collective 17 On Your Own (be shot) Complete the next exercise. Write the sentence with the correct form of verb. Compound Subjects 25 Prepositional Phrases Authors often use prepositional phrases to paint visual images. If you use a prepositional sentence between a subject and a verb, make sure that the verb matches the subject and not the subject of the preposition. At one o`clock in the morning, he was going through the same section [of San Francisco].

Everything remained intact. There was no fire. And yet there has been a change. A rain [of ash] fell. 54 Problematic Topics When collective names, names, titles and numerical expressions are used as subjects, it may be difficult to say where they take singular or plural verbs 48 The meaning of the name as a whole determines whether the singular or plural form of the verb is necessary. They can determine whether a collective noun takes a sinsor or plural verb by replacing the pronoun or 16 More practice Problem-solving abilities and strong verbal communication is useful for judges and businessmen. In general, neither lawyers nor the CEO mean what to do. To work in technology and mechanics, logic or good spatial perception is necessary.

Trial and error are a way to find the right job. Neither your teacher nor your parents want to see you in a job that doesn`t suit them. 46 Write the correct verb in the sentence. Another (wants, wants) to watch the bike. Everyone (student, student) French before a trip to France. Everyone (understands, understands) the importance of this topic. One (tells, tells) about his baseball years. Each member (talking, talking) for three minutes. The two books (transmit, transmit) the atmosphere of the 1980s.

Everyone (wants, wants) a copy of this videotape. Both schools (east, are) excellent. Anyone who participates (receives, receives) a distinction. Everything in this space (appears, appears) as an antique. 32 Verification Exercise: The following paragraph contains four errors in the subject-verb agreementThus have identical twins? Then you can probably observe their obvious physical similarities. Although people generally think that identical twins, who are separated, will develop different personalities, it seems to be the opposite. Studies conducted at a college have collected information comparing the personality traits of twins separated at birth.