The spouse`s failure to sign a ticket did not exclude a subsequent charge. – Subsection A should not be construed as requiring both spouses to participate in the creation of a Community debt, solely on the grounds that a subsequent judgment on the debts could weigh on community real estate. To the extent that The common law of New Mexico suggests otherwise, these decisions are overturned. Accordingly, the court did not err in ordering the judicial sale of the spouse`s home in order to individually succeed the creditor bank`s judgment in the husband`s imputation. Huntington Nat`l Bank v. Sproul, 1993-NMSC-051, 116 N.M 254, 861 p.2d 935. Knowing which matrimonial property rights you give up, but still deciding to do so, will lead to a more confident and comfortable divorce proceedings. If you find out that you should have owned or received something long after the divorce, there may be nothing you can do and you might be quite angry. As in the case of divorce, you can enter into a separation agreement through an agreement. A legal agreement on marital separation in New Mexico refers to a written agreement outlining your rights and obligations. It will also address all issues related to the conservation, support and sharing of ownership, as well as any other issues that the parties consider important. Membership of both spouses.

– If both spouses do not, a spouse`s attempt to transfer, transfer or mortgage real estate outside the Community is unsealed. Swink v. Sunwest Bank (In re Fingado), 113 Bankr. 37 (Bankr. D.N.M. 1990). The assumption is not refuted. – The words and behaviour of an incorrect spouse who wrongly explained that real estate was his separate property were not sufficient to rebut a presumption that the property was considered a community interest. Arch, Ltd.

Yu, 1988-NMSC-101, 108 N.M. 67, 766 p.2d 911. Federal coal leases are owned by the federal government, and a husband cannot pass them on effectively without his wife`s signature. Padilla v. Roller, 1980-NMSC-037, 94 N.M 234, 608 p.2d 1116. The Supreme Court does .M that community or segregated funds spent on the cost of living will not be repaid because husbands and wives have a mutual duty to support each other, including the use of segregated funds, where necessary or appropriate to support the Community.