Selective property options offer various limited options for a variety of insurance coverages, including debtors, valuable papers, computers and media, installation property and real estate during the transition. Below are the contracts you need to use between your company and ALL the subcontractors you will use in the coming year. Now contact all the subcontractors and get them to sign the contract. You have to explain to them that if they don`t fill, then you can`t fix them. Please contact this agency if you have any questions, if you need insurance or if you need additional help. 973-377-6100 In addition to the contracts, you get many insurance certificates. Certificates are reflections of the insurance that is supported by subcontractors. Insurance has become really strict with contractors hiring subcontractors. If subcontractors do not have appropriate limits or insurance coverage, the general contractor`s policy ends up paying the costs caused by the subcontractors. I must point out that all the insurance companies have put these procedures in place, so changing companies will not solve the problem. Risk management reduces your chances of claim/loss/violation/prosecution/etc. When you get in your car, you put on your seat belt to reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Risk management requires staff to wear hard hats, steel shoes, crockery, etc. By asking your employees to reduce their risk of injury, you reduce your costs. By requiring subcontractors that you are hired to meet insurance requirements, you reduce the change of insurance company to pay a claim on your behalf, which will save you money. Selective can help you avoid the insurance claims of contractors before they arrive with our important security management services: contracts for contractors – This is very important for any contractor who orders another contractor to execute contracts for that contractor in order to have a contract (contract) between them. All insurance companies need an employment contract. In addition to complying with insurance requirements, it offers protection and a legal defence tool for the contractor (GC) recruitment of subcontractors. Protecting your business is not just about insurance! COMMERCIAL VOITURE A million liability limits must be a million uninsured/underinsured limits If the subcontractor has not insured vehicles under a commercial automobile policy, then a rental and non-liability policy of its own must be purchased, which must have liability limits of $1 million Below will find the requirements you must – you must comply with all insurance companies. In the event of non-compliance, either termination, non-renewal of the policy or examination lead to all subcontractors being taken care of as employees and not as subcontractors. This will result in a high premium. For decades, Selective has been offering first-class insurance products and business services to business entrepreneurs that will help you build your businesses and your customers. In addition to customized insurance coverage services for real estate and liability contractors, we offer security management services and flexible payment options such as PaySync ®, our payments-friendly cash payment plan.

KOMPENSATION WORKER The first part of the directive – the law must be the second – limit of liability for employers of $1,000,000. SHOULD Injury by Accident: One million per accident must be bodily harm by illness: One million policy limits must be bodily harm by illness: one million per employee must also be very important as the owner, LLC member, partner must be explicitly included as insured and the insurance certificate must prove it.