As part of the services, the LLC training tracker provides you with the use of the service, including a browser interface, transfer, access and storage. Your registration or use of the Service represents your consent to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the materials available on the training tracking software, and The Safety and Data Protection Policy of Training Tracker LLC (the “Contract”). At the end of this agreement, the reference is a “Definitions” section. For example, as an investor, you want to know if the money you invest is held in trust. Once a certain amount of funds is raised, it is released to the seller. This will ensure that the money is returned to investors if the funds are not mobilized. Thank you for choosing to become a subscriber (hereafter referred to as “Subscriber”). This subscription agreement (hereinafter “the agreement”) between you and InMotion Systems, LLC (`the `business`) applies to your subscription (`subscription`) in which you receive InMotion Systems services (together “the service”) and you access and/or the company`s HitTrax StatsCenter app (the app). The information is different in the different agreements, but as a general rule, the following information is contained in a subscription contract: subscription contracts are generally covered by SEC 506 (b) and 506 (c) Rules D. These provisions define how an offer is implemented and how much essential information companies must disclose to investors. As new sponsors are added to an offer, co-sponsors receive approval from existing partners before amending the subscription contract.

A business subscription contract is akin to a standard purchase agreement because it works the same way. It is a promise that a private company will sell a certain number of shares at a certain price to the subscriber or private investor. It is also a promise from the subscriber to buy shares of the stock at the previously agreed price. While it is between two private parties, each share that is sold makes the subscriber one of the owners of the business, just as a traditional investor would become.