Even the best plans may fail, and you might need a lease with a roommate, despite your best intentions. To minimize the consequences: getting out of the apartment (if your roommate is not ready to leave) is a legitimate option. Unfortunately, this means that you will break your lease, which will have serious consequences, such as paying an additional rent of two months. Violating your lease should ideally be a last attempt to get out of a negative situation. If you have a documented eviction or a broken lease on your rental file, this could affect your chances of being allowed in another apartment, not to mention the fact that you have to hand over much of the change for the termination of your lease. To leave with your head held high, enter the required notification (usually 30 days) or even more. And pay your rent and co-payment to service companies for this period, whether you are still in residence or not, unless, in the meantime, a new authorized tenant moves in. If you are personally responsible for the damage to the property, you are also responsible. As a general rule, all adult tenants living in a dwelling must sign their own lease.

If you have a roommate who lives in your apartment and is not authorized by the owner or property manager to reside there, you can try to terminate the roommate to leave you. Your landlord or property manager may have the right to dislodge you because he or she allows another person to reside in your unit that is not in the rental agreement and thus violates the terms of your own lease. It depends on your landlord, your government and local laws and your signed lease. If you ask your roommate to pay the rest of their rent or ask them to find an alternative tenant, let your landlord know about the plan so they can update the lease and talk about other options that might be available. This step is especially important if you are planning to find another roommate. Finally, you want the new tenant to sign a rental agreement that makes them liable for damages and rent, as you are. Your roommate may ask for more time to pay. Or they can ask for payment terms.