Franchise Description: The franchisor is Arby`s Franchisor, LLC. The franchisor has two parent companies: Arby`s Restaurant Group, Inc. and Inspire Brands, Inc. Franchisees operate a restaurant under the name “Arby`s” and offer a variety of Arby`s Deli-inspired sandwiches and complementary supplements and desserts. There are two franchise offers: franchisees are at any time a separate and independent entity, nor are franchisees, nor any of its employees, representing or representing, explicitly or implicitly, is considered employee, agent, joint venture, subsidiary, partner or representative of arby`s or in a fiduciary relationship with Arby`s, or are not authorized to create claims, debts or obligations on behalf of Arby`s. For the duration of this agreement, you agree to abstain from the public as an independent contractor that operates TJC Bakery under a franchise on our part. Arby`s requires franchisees to post public signs indicating that it is an independent entity and/or that the franchisee must issue such a notification in all of its letters, letter documents and business forms. Franchisees protect, defend, compensate, compensate and maintain Arby`s Brands, Arby`s, Inc. Triarc companies, the parents, affiliates and subsidiaries of each of these companies, their executives, directors, owners, agents, employees, lawyers and accountants (entities and individuals collectively designated as “deleveraging”) free of all fines, claims, expenses, expenses (including legal and legal fees), claims, damages, remedies, means and other expenses of any kind and of any kind resulting directly or indirectly from the operation of the transaction granted or resulting from it (including the use of products or materials that have been indicated or approved by Arby`s), the construction or occupation of the premises granted, the use or operation of devices and equipment , the sale of products or the existence of this agreement.

The franchisee will notify Arby`s of all these issues as soon as the franchisee becomes aware of them. Unless an applicable insurance contract requires otherwise, Arby`s has the exclusive right to control and direct Tegal`s activities related to such an act by a lawyer whom it has retained and compensated, if that act is considered likely to harm, at its sole discretion, other franchisees, other licensed restaurants or the Arby system, its commercial value, its image or its general market value. Franchisees agree that the terms of this section 11:5 receive termination, expiry or transfer of this contract or any interest. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the duration of this agreement begins from the entry into force of this agreement (“early”) and ends on the earlier date of: (i) ten (10) years from the effective date of this agreement; or (ii) the previous expiry or termination of the agreement to operate the existing commercial contract (as defined in section 13:2 below).